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Retired Society's Assets Executive Director Passes Away

In Sympathy

Retired Society's Assets Executive Director Bruce Nelsen Passes Away

Society's Assets mourns the passing of Bruce Nelsen, previous executive director of Society's Assets. He passed suddenly last week at his home with his family. Nelsen was appointed executive director in April 1984. He retired in February 2019. Racine resident Dan Johnson was a co-founder of the nonprofit in 1974. The group began their mission of removing barriers to independence and increasing personal control in their lives as people with disabilities.

Nelsen dedicated 35 years to the agency's mission of ensuring the rights of all persons with disabilities to live and function independently in the community of their choice. With the support of staff and volunteers he was able to accomplish many things, and most notable were:

  • Expanding the agency's service area with the opening of offices in Kenosha and Elkhorn;
  • Starting the first Telecommunications Relay System in the state of Wisconsin to meet the telephone needs of individuals who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or have a speech impairment;
  • Forming a subsidiary corporation called SAI Home Health Care to provide skilled nursing services to people in their homes; and
  • Establishing a major fundraiser to award scholarships to nearly 100 college students, providing over $200,000 in financial support for their higher education.

"During his leadership Bruce made significant contributions to the agency and the community members which we serve. He was a vocal advocate for people with disabilities here in our community as well as the entire state of Wisconsin," states David Isaacson, volunteer board member.

"His contributions to helping people were absolute. . . on behalf of Society's Assets, I extend my deepest sympathies on the passing of Bruce Nelsen," stated Frank Germinaro, volunteer chairperson of the board at Society's Assets.