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Back to School and Disabilities

A new school year means a new grade, new teachers, new goals, and maybe even a new school. In order to help students with special needs and their parents and teachers be as successful as they can be, Society's Assets offers a few tips.

  • Review the Individualized Education Program (IEP) plan. Note when the IEP expries and if the student is up for reevaluation this year. Make sure that this IEP still "fits" his/her needs. If you're unsure, contact the school about holding an IEP review meeting.
  • Keep a communication logbook. Document all phone calls, e-mails, notes home, meetings, and conferences. Be sure to note the dates, times, and nature of the communications you have.
  • Attend school events. Mark your calendar and attend open houses, back-to-school night, parent teacher conferences. Let the teacher know about changes, events, or IEP concerns that should be considered.
  • Stay organized. There are lots of meetings, paperwork, and documentation to track.

The Wisconsin Constitution guarantees a free public education to students through age 20 (through age 21 if the student has a disability). The school district must enroll a student who has not graduated and has not yet attained the maximum age prior to the beginning of the school year.

If you need help advocating for services at the next IEP meeting, please contact Society's Assets at (800) 378-9128.