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Introducing RAILS - - A Summer Program for Transition-Age Youth

RAILS is a four-week summer course for youth ages 16 -24. It covers a wide range of topics that are important for a smooth ride into adulthood. RAILS is presented by people with disabilities for people with disabilities in a flexible learning environment. We welcome participants' use of technology and personal care workers during the sessions.

Topics covered include:  advocacy; disability history and the fight for equal rights; professional communication at work; conflict management and appropriate language; work and internet etiquette; assistive technology and how to use it at work; budgeting, credit, and banking; financial literacy, moving out on your own; relationships and appropriate boundaries; friendships and romantic partners; nutrition and physical activity; self-determination and setting good goals, and much more.

RAILS sessions run from July 10 through August 3, Monday through Thursday. There is a fee for the sessions. For funding options or If you have questions, contact Pauline at (262) 637-9128. For more information about RAILS in our Elkhorn office, click here. For more information about RAILS in our Racine office and Kenosha location, click here.