Making a gift to Society’s Assets is an opportunity to pay tribute to a loved one. It goes beyond most ordinary ways of expressing sympathy, celebrating a special occasion, acknowledging someone you admire or expressing thanks for a personal kindness. Your gift is a meaningful donation that can be designated to advance the agency’s mission in a number of ways. For more information, contact the Community Outreach Coordinator at the Society’s Assets main office in Racine.

Scholarship Fund

Proceeds from the annual Society’s Assets Open are used to provide scholarship awards to students with disabilities. Individuals residing in the agency’s service area who are enrolled in associate, bachelor or graduate studies are eligible for the scholarships that generally range between $500 and $5000. Judging is based on academic record, extracurricular activities, personal essay and recommendations. Over $100,000 in scholarships have been awarded since 1998.

General Contributions

Contributions not designated for a particular program or project are also welcome. General donations are used to serve the greatest need, whether that is adaptive equipment, housing modifications, sign language interpreters, personal care services or other concerns. Every contribution supports the agency’s mission and the belief that each individual can reach his or her potential.